Beagle B206 - Series I (Mk-1)

Aircraft Serial #033 Registration N46880 - RAF Registry XS-781
Standard Airworthiness Certificate Total Time: 2104.6 Right Engine: 514.9 SNEW Left Engine: 777.2 SNEW Spare Engine 545.4 SNEW [IN CRATE] Aircraft Colors: Exterior: White/Blue/Red Rating:6 Interior: Royal/Navy Blue Rating:6 [7 PAX]
Photo #1 Front View Exterior
Photo #2 Instrument Panel, Front Seats Removed
Photo #3 Left View Exterior
Photo #4 Instrument Panel, Copilot Side
Photo #5 Forward View Behind Rows 1&2
Photo #6 Tailcone and De-Ice Reservoir
Photo #7 Instrument Rack with RMI Compass Remote
Photo #8 Triple Redundant Inverters
Photo #9 Flap Design View, Exterior
Photo #10 Right Prop Damage
Photo #11 Right Wingtip Damage
Photo #12 Radios As Removed showing some spares
BENDIX BX-2000 System including; 
Dual Nav/Com with Dual indicators and G/S, R/NAV with programmer, 
Dual DMEs w/remote head and Nav Switching, ADF, Transponder Mode C, 
Encoding Altimeter, Audio Panel w/ Marker Beacon, and Built in Intercom. 

INCLUDES:Many spare BX-2000 boards and complete indicators. 
Additional NAV/COM Chassis

Dual Pilot/Co-Pilot IFR Intrumentation including; 
RMI and Gyros split between electric and vacuum.

Sperry Autopilot/Flight Director with AD satisfied. W/Altitude Hold

2 Alcor EGT/CHT Dual Indicators.

Full De-ice: 
Glycol Props and Windscreen, Goodrich boots and Air-Reservoir, 
Windshield Wipers - Certified For Known Ice]

Additional Equipment:
Working Hydraulic Folding Airstair Door and seperate steps with NO leaks.

-> Extra Rolls Royce/Continental GIO-470-A engine [Crated on Pallet]

Two Gill G-246 Batteries, ELT Battery, ASI Pilot-Winshield and Vent, 
Rebuilt Hydraulic Power Pack, Tires, New Master Cylinders, 
Full Fire Protection and Current tested fire bottles and Squibs. 
Second set of COM and NAV Radios with Indicators, including Repair Manuals. 
All Interior Pieces and Curtains. 
Complete Set of Maintenance, Overhaul and Factory Build Manuals Included.
Aircraft has NO corrosion.
NEWS! ALL parts needed for repair have been located!!

Damage History: Damage during taxi. Aircraft will need right prop blades. Outboard wing extension reattached. Minor right aileron edge repair. Engine was NOT running. Note: There is not an aircraft in the air that can match the Beagle's performance and load carrying ability for its size. With its helicopter like windscreen visibility is awesome in flight. Torque tubes throughout its control system guarantee crisp control response and its British construction assures longevity and durability. This aircraft has an British Royal Air Force (RAF) history and comes complete with all documentation outlining its military career. The Series I version sold here does not have any AD notes affecting it except a wing bolt replacement at 11,000 Hours Total time.
Pictures of it in service and prior to civilian delivery are included, as are all military logs and paperwork.
**Includes all paperwork needed to use Cessna 401 style 3 bladed props**
Have located second beagle airframe which will supply all needed repair parts and a new interior! Original 2 Bladed McCauley prop ready to go!
Price:Best Offer - Interesting Trades Considered Contact:Richard Miller (845) 647-6933 (845) 647-2375 FAX